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Wipro pioneers AI-driven health behavior innovations with CBR

Wipro pioneers AI-driven health behavior innovations with CBR

On Tuesday, Wipro Limited, a leading Indian company operating in the fields of IT, consulting, and BPS, announced a new, unique collaboration with the Centre for Brain Research (CBR) at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). The project aims to revolutionize the treatment and management of chronic disease by implementing cutting-edge concepts such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and big data analytics.

Wipro’s innovation lab, Lab45, will design a personal care engine as part of this partnership. This artificial intelligence program will incorporate details about an individual’s medical history, personal and family genetic disposition, health goals, and behavioral changes for a healthy aging process and psychological and emotional well-being. The ultimate purpose of this innovative engine is to improve different health indicators over time, with a focus on preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases and related neurodegenerative disorders.

In this strategy, Wipro aims to use artificial intelligence to personalize user interaction and improve the user’s long-term well-being. To achieve this, they will develop a personal care engine using a digital application trial with CBR at IISc. This trial will provide significant information to establish the engine’s effectiveness and impact on long-term health outcomes.

Wipro Limited’s Chief Technology Officer, Subha Tatavarti, expressed her enthusiasm for the program in an interview. She said that Wipro is committed to transforming healthcare through technology solutions and is delighted to partner with CBR and IISc in this regard. Tatavarti also highlighted the application of the personal care engine in personal health management, highlighting its various benefits, its effectiveness in preventing lifestyle-related diseases, and its enhancement of cognitive and psychosocial functioning.

According to Dr. Ajay Chander, who is currently the Research and Development Head at Wipro Limited, the deal is significant because it will open up innovative opportunities across the computing and cognitive borders. The goal of this collaboration is to organize a global effort to provide care for all chronic health problems that impact humanity. Chander focused on cardiovascular diseases as a significant concern because they are closely associated with long-term cognitive issues, wishing for the improved health of millions of people who will benefit from scarce resources.

Professor KVS Hari, the Director of the Center for Brain Research, has declared the significance of this collaboration and the synergy between these institutions. Working with Wipro allows them to develop their scientific literacy by harnessing a vast array of digital interfaces, according to him. This partnership will indeed help to bring practical solutions to identified cognitive and general health problems faster to the population.

The collaboration between Wipro and CBR is a genuine innovation in the healthcare sector, with the potential to significantly impact the way in which some of the most urgent global health challenges are addressed. With these emerging technologies continuing to advance, they present the possibility of providing patient-centric and personalized care that can really help in the ongoing management of chronic diseases for the betterment of many people.

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