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Oasis Labs announces a partnership with Google Cloud

Oasis Labs announces a partnership with Google Cloud

Oasis Labs has announced a partnership with Google Cloud. The objective is to enhance differential privacy in AI and data analytics. The partnership enables Oasis Labs to integrate Oasis PrivateSQL on Google Cloud Marketplace. It stems from the fact that AI is gaining traction faster. Companies utilize the vast amount of data to train their respective models, helping users make the most of the platform. However, this also puts data at risk of exploitation.

Differential privacy introduces carefully calibrated noise into the results, ensuring no leak in the system. Organizations can still extract valuable insights while performing advanced analytics and maintaining individuals’ privacy standards.

Dawn Song, the Founder of Oasis Labs, has said that they are attempting to help businesses achieve a balance between improving their AI models and keeping data safe. Dawn has also highlighted that the mission is to empower organizations to unlock the potential of their data.

John Vozenilek, the Vice President for Innovation & Digital Health at OSF HealthCare, has said that differential privacy is at the cornerstone of their effort to make the usage of patient data responsible and improve the outcome across the globe. John has also appreciated Oasis Labs, saying that the collaboration has helped them pioneer new approaches to data privacy in the healthcare sector.

Oasis PrivateSQL generates privacy-preserving versions of aggregate statistical queries by maintaining a balance between data utility and privacy. It does not require modification to data or workflow and does not impose requirements to anonymize or redact the data being shared.

Anyone can get started with PrivateSQL. All they have to do is visit the official website and click Subscribe. That will redirect the website to subscription terms. Read and agree to proceed with Oasis Labs. Two activities will appear with a green tick – product purchase and account creation.

The development comes almost 2 days after Oasis Labs announced its partnership with Meta. This dates back to July 28, 2022, when Oasis Labs had called it a first-of-its-kind initiative that enables inclusivity and fairness. The goal was to advance fairness measurements in AI models to have a positive impact on the lives of individuals all over the world.

The partnership was built on the common vision of having a responsible AI model and using users’ data responsibly.

Simply put, the partnership with Google Cloud is not the first to support AI and the responsible use of data. Oasis Labs remains determined to make advancements, but not at the cost of compromising anyone’s privacy. Differential privacy is expected to continue boosting the ideology and helping the industry gain users’ confidence.

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