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Amagi boosts FAST with AI-driven scheduling and secure content delivery

Amagi enhances FAST solutions with AI-powered scheduling and secure content delivery

Amagi is a global leader in cloud technology for broadcast and connected TV. AI is catching up with every possible segment of an industry, and it is only time that it gets its hands on FAST solutions. Amagi has been quick enough to identify this, therefore announcing key updates and partnerships for its solutions.

Amagi addresses growing FAST market needs

FAST, an acronym for Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television, is a rapidly growing sector. What sets it apart is that innovation like AI has not ventured into it deep enough. Amagi is looking to fill the gap, or rather bridge the gap between the problem and solution, by coming up with two updates – collaborating with Argroid AI and integrating Intertrust ExpressPlay DRM.

While Argoid AI aims to drive TV program scheduling automation by leveraging the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, Intertrust ExpressPlay DRM aims to deliver premium content to FAST service platforms. The objectives and potential mannerisms are different – they eventually converge at a point where they empower FAST services.

AI-driven scheduling with Argoid AI

This is where Amagi PLANNER comes into the picture. Argoid AI integrates with PLANNER and brings to the table all the elements of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The objective is to analyze multiple factors, including, but not limited to, social trends, content affinity, and viewership. This will help to generate healthy recommendations for optimized channel programming.

Bhaskar Subramanian, the CEO of Amagi, has said that the integration positions them as an innovator in TV program scheduling, adding that the aim is to achieve scheduling efficiency and maximize viewer satisfaction. It addresses the industry challenge of having a skilled scheduler and retains the focus on strategic content placement.

Secure content delivery with Intertrust

Amagi, on the next day, announced the integration of Intertrust ExpressPlay DRM with its CLOUDPORT service. The objective is to protect premium content to satisfy the requirements and deliver premium content to content owners. Billy Romero, the VP of Product Technology for FAST Distribution at Amagi, said that the decision to integrate is pivotal to the expansion strategy of their FAST platforms, adding that they can now maintain agility and ensure secure content delivery.

Another benefit that Amagi has come across is the seamless integration of ads in real-time within encrypted content streams. CLOUDPORT, as a cloud-based tool, facilitates smooth media ingest, scheduling, comprehensive content management, and advanced graphics insertion. Most importantly, it meets media content owner requirements for rights management.

Benefits for FAST service providers

FAST service providers receive a total of four benefits from the recent developers. First, solutions offer a comprehensive platform for FAST channel management. Second, AI-powered offering optimizes content selection. Thereby boosting viewer engagement. Third, secure content delivery expands the library of titles – including premium content that ideally meets the requirements of a broader user base.

Finally, it streamlines ad insertion to maximize the opportunities for bagging a higher revenue.


Both advancements made by Amagi signal its commitment to enhance the experience with FAST services. It is a growing landscape that lacks players to back the rise on the charts. Collaborating with Argoid AI and integrating with Intertrust strengthens its commitment while improving the experience. Benefits span across the ecosystem as viewers get access to premium offerings and streamlined ad insertion, which generates higher revenue. Both developments have come in less than 48 hours – it is only right to assume that a lot more can happen under the current momentum.

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