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Generative AI company Onetab India is on an expansion mode

Generative AI Company Onetab India is on an Expansion Mode

Onetab, the startup specializing in generative AI Software as a Service, has scaled new heights of excellence by strengthening its operations in the Indian subcontinent by appointing three senior executives. Harish Chouhan, Senior Team Lead, Pratish Gopinath, Vice President of corporate Development, and Ankita Phanse, Head of Human Resources (Strategy and Planning), are new appointees.

Saket Dandotia and Alok Patil are the founders of Onetab, and their new appointments will expand the company’s presence in Indian and international markets. Harish Chouhan brings rich experience with his star-studded career spanning seventeen years. He is a master expert in robust leadership skills and motivating teams engaged in diverse functions.

Harish Chouhan has a comprehensive knowledge of agile tools such as Jira and Trello. He is well known in the Information Technology industry for his tactical planning and execution skillsets. Harish Chouhan was previously associated with prestigious organizations such as Panamax Infotech, InfoBeans Systems, and Linkites. His new responsibility at Onetab will be aligned with strategic execution, tactical planning, promoting innovation, fostering excellence, staying ahead of market trends, and staying updated with customer needs, making him a key contributor to the Onetab company.

Bangalore-based Pratish Gopinath will take care of opening Onetab’s Bangalore office and lead the recruitment process from the front. He will be entrusted with identifying strategic collaborations, executing decisive business alliances, managing relations with investors, and supervising Onetab’s pioneering initiative, One Bharat, across multiple cities in the country. It is expected that Pratish Gopinath will play a vital role in expanding the footprints of Onetab and strengthening the company’s market presence, both nationally and internationally.

Ankita Phanse is a professional with rich experience in human resource operations and is a generalist in HR affairs. The role of Ankita Phanse at Onetab is focused on developing and implementing human resource policies. Ankita Phanse, blessed with an MBA degree with a specialization in human resources and finance, will create a dynamic work culture at Onetab. Her sagacious expertise in human resource activities will transform Onetab into a productive workforce of the twenty-first century. Onetab founder is confident that the three recently appointed executives will align with the long term vision of the company. Recruiting seasoned executives is vital for Onetab as their exciting projects are on the anvil.

Management team members of Onetab perceive the new appointments as a vital step towards achieving their ambitious goals. Surely, Onetab will revitalize collaboration and interaction between team members through its customized LLM(Large Language Model).

The LLM model of Onetab guarantees seamless communication and a brand-new collaboration tool. This distinctive feature makes Onetab stand out from its competitors, which elevates it to the position of the market leader in the Artificial Intelligence Software as a Service arena. Harish Chouhan, Pratish Gopinath, and Ankita Phanse will work closely with the leadership team of Onetab on their unique initiative to make it a transformative business organization and the best place to work.

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