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ZS unveils AI self-serve giants ZAIDYN & Max.AI

ZS unveils AI self-serve giants ZAIDYN & Max.AI

ZS, a dominant multinational organization that practices management consulting and technology, recently announced its intention to launch a new wing of operations dedicated to enhancing its software-as-a-service (SaaS) capabilities. The company’s Chairman, Jaideep Bajaj, will administer a new unit, ZS Platform and Products, which shows a well-planned decision to extend its technological horizons.

This venture aims to strengthen ZS’s investment in the company’s two technological exquisities, namely ZAIDYNTM by ZS and Max.AI. These platforms and products are designed to be more conceptually cohesive with our high-end consulting services. Mr. Jaideep Bajaj emphasized that whereas ZS has previously developed various solutions, creating this new unit will enable the company to take a more holistic and time-tested approach to dealing with different issues raised by customers.

As per Bajaj, we aim to gather our consulting services, which are well known with our technology solution services, so that businesses can comply with their digital transformation goals and meet the changing market needs. He stressed that deploying self-service applications with incorporated AI that can be applied globally will always remain critical in enabling our customers’ businesses to transform.

One of the ZAIDYN products, a cloud-based analytics platform, has over 120 clients in 65 countries. Its unique artificial intelligence enables it to supply important analytics that assist businesses in comprehending market dynamics, connecting with customers, and developing agile strategies. 

Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), ZAIDYN, which includes more than 50 artificial intelligent enhanced products and solutions, such as ZAIDYN Commercial, ZAIDYN Connected Health, and ZAIDYN Marketplace, integrates smoothly with multiple marketing technologies, including Salesforce and Veeva CRM.

In addition, this part will be devoted to Max.AI, a versatile platform that employs low-code and no-code development to create specialized independent AI agents and programs at a large scale. Currently available on the AWS Marketplace and the Azure Marketplace, there will also be plans to deploy the Max.AI, which will soon become available on other cloud platforms.

Pratap Khedkar, ZS CEO, says that transforming the company into an all-encompassing solution provider is challenging but empowering. It is the core of increasing service to improve our clients’ most challenging tasks. With this strategic initiative, ZS can exploit its technological assets in harmony with its consulting capabilities, which could bring out maximum innovation and quality services.

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