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Automation Anywhere & Google Cloud: AI takes flight in the future of work

Automation Anywhere & Google Cloud: AI takes flight in the future of work

Automation is picking up faster than before, thanks to AI, which is apparently in autopilot mode. Many tech enthusiasts have stated that robots can do much more for humans. Every industry integrates software and applications to ensure it serves its customers with automation. Simply put, automation is anything triggered by an action without any human intervention.

For instance, users get a message after a financial transaction without any human practically sitting in front of the computer to send those updates. Needless to say, this is a basic and simple explanation only. Actual implementation goes more technical, especially in the backend.

The rise of the machines: Emerging trends in automation

A total of three trends have taken shape in the current times: the democratization of automation, the implementation of AI, and hyper-automation. Specifics about them can differ based on how enterprises implement them. The basics remain the same, more or less.

The democratization of automation is similar to the democratization of any other technology, making it accessible to users across the globe. Here, users refer to developers and practitioners in the technology field. This has allowed enterprises of every scale and size to review the foundation and construct their innovation on top of that. It has even briefly brought large and small-scale companies on equal footing.

AI’s role is growing in automation. This pertains to analyzing the data and understanding the trend to better understand how automation can be applied. Users would want a form to be automatically filled out on a browser after saving their details, but they would not want a machine to apply for an event on their behalf. Hyper-automation digs a little deeper but adopts a holistic approach. It stems from the combination of Robotic Process Automation and AI.

AI in the driver’s seat: The evolving landscape

AI is an evolving landscape, but a major focus is on generative AI. It can help the industry in multiple ways. Generative AI can review video footage, texts, and images to avoid reading thousands of pages in a document. Specific to the medical sphere, it can help compile the medical record after a patient’s visit has concluded.

It is combating money laundering where automation has found a partner—Google Cloud’s AML AI product. Intelligent Automation by Automation Anywhere is looking to leverage the offering of Google Cloud to meet the effectiveness of compliance programs for anti-money laundering.

Google Cloud streamlines the investigation workflow and the generation of suspicious activity reports.

Automation Anywhere takes flight: Powering business transformation with Google Cloud

This section further discusses the partnership between Automation Anywhere and Google Cloud. Automation Anywhere has integrated its AI models like Gemini, gaining access to world-class infrastructure with pre-built solutions for almost everything.

Adi Kuruganti, the Chief Product Officer at Automation Anywhere, said the integration gives them access to offerings like MedLM, which lightens the burden on doctors and other healthcare professionals. Adi further called the integration one powerful example of how the industry can empower people to do their best.

Ritika Suri, the Director of Technology Partnerships at Google Cloud, expressed her confidence in Automation Anywhere, which can enhance the industry experience by streamlining and simplifying time-consuming tasks.

The road ahead: A glimpse into the transformed future of work

AI and automation have joined hands with the mission to enhance efficiency and improve productivity. There is still a debate about jobs currently held by humans; however, it has been assured that AI and automation are coming more to complement the roles than take them away. It is still recommended that humans upgrade their skills and improve problem-solving and strategic thinking.


Automation is in every possible business, with actual implementations spread on a broader level. It comes with AI to improve businesses and their outcomes. With a mutual sense of confidence about the outcomes, Automation Anywhere is getting ready to integrate with Google Cloud.

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