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ABB will debut AI-powered robotic solutions at Automate 2024

ABB will debut AI-powered robotic solutions at Automate 2024

ABB Robotics will present one of the most intriguing exhibits at Automate 2024, showcasing 50 years of breakthrough robotics advancements. Held at McCormick Place in Chicago from May 6–9, this show will showcase ABB’s innovative robotic software that leverages AI to enhance productivity and competence in response to constantly evolving market demands.

ABB will emphasize its AI investment in the upcoming exhibition through its acquisition of Sevensense, a renowned global provider of 3D intervention navigation solutions. The choice to implement cutting-edge AI features into its products and services has been a key factor in ABB achieving its long-term vision of incorporating adaptive and intelligent solutions in industries characterized by expertise and labor shortages, such as logistics and manufacturing.

John Bubnikovich, the head of ABB’s US Robotics Center, emphasized the reason why they should have their commemoration at Automate 2024. He stressed that although they are celebrating their 50-year reign as the world’s leading robot manufacturer, their foremost aim is always to address their customers’ immediate and future needs.It will thereby offer an unparalleled assortment of machine automation solutions, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and collaborative and industrial robotics.

The upcoming event will feature a variety of demonstrations, including a representation of all ABB six-axis robots that will generate a realistic model of automobile component production. This presentation is a chance to share the growth and development of our robotic solutions as we introduce new devices on the first day of the event. The audience will be able to see two advanced AMRs from ABB, which will provide them with trending AMR technology that covers AI-powered Visual SLAM navigation. Such an AMR can offer high speed, precision, and load capacities.

Extending the thrill of the event, ABB’s GoFa™ collaborative robots will also perform live demonstrations. ABB has specially developed these machines to automate tasks such as assembly and delicate lab work handling. The four stations will stand out at the event, showing how these robots can adjust and elevate production lines and research platforms.

ABB’s stall offers visitors the opportunity to explore the “Digital Corner,” showcasing the latest software-related applications such as RobotStudio and the recently developed OmniCore robot controllers. These tools have been purpose-optimized to simplify robot programming processes and operations, advancing long-term operational efficiency and productivity.

Aside from ABB’s technology exhibitions, the company is trying to play an important role in educating and preparing future engineers and technologists. The STEM Education Program at the Education Pavilion facilitates this. The envisioned setup focuses on a collaborative training cart for industrial robots. It aims to inspire students to consider careers that will build the advanced manufacturing sector while also providing them with the necessary skills for a dynamic labor market.

Automate 2024 will not only provide an opportunity for ABB to showcase its market-leading technology and progressive viewpoints but also to build collaborations and accelerate technological advancements in automation. Targeted financial and educational initiatives will emphasize the company’s commitment to industry growth. ABB Robotics already sets standards and pushes automation and manufacturing processes, but the future holds much more.

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