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Apple unleashes AI power at WWDC 2024: Siri gets smarter, OpenAI joins the party

Apple unleashes AI power at WWDC 2024: Siri gets smarter, OpenAI joins the party

Apple is in the middle of hosting its annual software-focused event, the Worldwide Developer Conference 2024. The first day has brought a lot of excitement and updates for the Apple community, most of which have garnered significant attention.

For starters, Apple has announced that the iPad calculator will function as a notepad. Users can write everything along with the equation, and the system will have enough sense to fetch the results in real-time. Equations, once written, will be available for modification. This means that ‘2+2’ will fetch ‘4’ as a result, while modifying that same equation will change the result.

Apple Intelligence was one of the most talked-about updates at the event. Apple has said that it is bringing Apple Intelligence to several devices: the iPhone, iPad, and Max. It will further enable Siri to have on-screen awareness. This means that Siri will be able to detect the content on the screen and take action on behalf of its users. It is unclear if it requires special permission from users or if it is an in-built mandatory function.

OpenAI is officially joining the Apple ecosystem. On WWDC’s first day, Apple collaborated with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into iPadOS 18, iOS 18, and macOS. Interestingly, this has attracted slight criticism from Elon Musk, who did not hesitate to ask his X followers for their thoughts on the Tesla Phone—if and when it is announced.

Elon Musk believes that Apple will extract data from devices and hand it over to OpenAI. This will result in Apple losing control over how OpenAI uses the data. As a result, it plays with users’ privacy despite being a tech giant that could have developed its own AI system.

More significant updates from WWDC include Tap to Cash and Apple Intelligence integrated with email.

Tap to Cash eliminates the need to know a person’s phone number or email. Once they approve the transaction, they can make payments with a simple tap. This would be exclusively available on the iPhone. Apple Intelligence’s integration with Email entails allowing Apple Intelligence to go through the Email content. It will then analyze the content and prioritize emails based on urgency.

Apple Genmoji offers users a novel approach to creating emojis. They can leverage the capabilities of Apple Intelligence to use Apple Gemoji. Undoubtedly, the younger generation will find this appealing. MacOS 15 will now enable users to mirror content from their iPhone to their Mac. In other words, it will sync the content to make it easier to view on a table.

Finally, Apple Intelligence made it to the surface again. Apple teases it as a tool to personalize AI-generated images for users once the model understands the content.

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