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What to expect from Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2024

What to expect from Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2024

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, also known as WWDC, will occur from June 10 to 14. It is a software-focused annual event wherein hardware pieces rarely make an appearance. Expectations are around seeing announcements about new AI features, updates in Siri, and a fresh perspective on iOS, MacOS, and iPadOS. 

For a quick reference, this is the first time that AI has sparked a revolution in the industry. Other giants like Google, Meta, and Microsoft have already kicked off their progress. Apple is more likely to be catching up, and the event will only help us understand how well it is excelling in that department.

WWDC will be available to the audience on Apple’s official website and YouTube. A livestream link has been shared with an option to set a reminder about the event. The keynote will commence at 10 am PT on June 10.

Apple Intelligence is expected to be announced at WWDC. It enables the creation of custom emojis based on what a user is texting. It will only work with the latest and updated models of iPhones and iPads plus Macs. They must have an M1 chip or an updated version of the chip. Other AI functionalities that should be integrated are voice memo transcriptions, conversational Siri, and faster search.

Most of the features are expected to be powered by the device, eliminating the need for the Internet altogether. Features would function without the Internet to help users make the most of their Apple devices. OpenAI and Apple have reportedly joined hands. If true, then Apple is likely to be working to enhance iOS 18. This comes after reports surfaced claiming that Google and Apple were working together to integrate Gemini AI into the native system.

Siri is already one of the top AI models in the industry. Upcoming announcements or updates could mark an uptick in its work. The AI model would be more responsive as an advanced daily assistant. The goal is to improve its accuracy and sophistication in responses.

iOS, iPadOS, and VisionOS may not get a major revamp, but minor tweaks could still be on the list. This includes being able to place icons on the Home Screen and having empty rows between icons for greater flexibility. A couple of features that have previously been announced are Eye Tracking and Live Captions.

Eye Tracking is live on iPad and iPhone, while Live Captions are on VisionOS. They are not precisely live for the public, which has led to speculation that WWDC could shed some light on them.

A18, the next iPhone processor, could make it to the list of chips that will be discussed. It will improve AI performance to align with the broad objective of delivering an improved version of machine learning for tasks based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference comes a month after the company held Let Loose, an iPad event. It showcased the release of new devices – iPad Pro and Air along with an updated Magic Keyboard plus a new Pencil Pro.

Developments like these are coming at a crucial time for the industry. For starters, Microsoft and Google are very much under the radar of U.S. regulators. The objective of relevant authorities is to monitor their AI developments to safeguard users from potential threats and privacy concerns. Plus, they have faced scrutiny for establishing a monopoly in the industry in the past.

Nvidia is constantly making moves in chip development and the stock market. It was last seen surpassing Apple to become the second-most valuable company. Its valuation soared to $3 trillion. Stocks rose by 5.2% to close the market at $1,224.40, taking the market cap to $3.012 trillion. Apple’s market cap was noted at $3.003 trillion at that time.

Nvidia is expected to surpass Microsoft in the AI sector next. That would be a blow to the company but a great advantage to the AI industry. For one, it will build the foundation for stronger competition. Second, the market will have a lot of better options at their fingertips. Third, tech giants will only follow the growth trajectory to better assist the market.

All eyes are on Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference for now. The software-focused annual event could bring a lot of AI-related announcements. Hardware has made a splash only once—last year, when Vision Pro was unveiled to the community. Rumors and speculation are stronger in quoting that this year’s focus will be on software capabilities and AI-powered updates.

The event will also clarify whether Apple has finally met industry standards or if it is just another step in that direction.

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