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Weekly AI roundup: Google, Opera, xAI, Apple, and OpenAI make waves

Weekly AI roundup: Google, Opera, xAI, Apple, and OpenAI make waves

As AI continues to conform at a fast tempo, researchers have predicted that it will add $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Therefore, understanding AI trends is critical for adapting to how AI remodels various aspects of our lives. This week, we discovered a range of topics, from new security measures to practical implications of AI, that will help you stay up-to-date with the latest news in the AI industry.

1. Google addresses backlash over AI misinformation 

On May 27, Google faced much criticism due to the misinformation that its AI Overview feature spread. Some of the ‘gems’ offered by the program included advising people to use nontoxic glue for their pizza, recommending eating one rock daily, and stating that Barack Obama was the first Muslim president.

While some of these suggestions and responses were not harmful, they were incorrect. However, as of now, Google has restricted its new AI Overviews feature to search and responded that these errors were rare and often involved unusual queries. The company emphasized that most AI tests will yield high-quality data and use the identified flaws to refine the AI system.

2. Opera uses Google cloud’s Gemini models for browser AI

Opera, the multi-platform web browser, has partnered with Google Cloud to integrate the Gemini model into its Aria browser. Opera’s multi-LLM Composer AI engine, powered by Aria, monitors user experiences as needed. Aria’s unique browser AI uses multiple providers and LLMs, allowing Opera to decide which model to use for each task. 

Eva Fors, Managing Director of Google Cloud Nordic Region, expressed her enthusiasm for the “long-standing cooperation” with Google, adding that the integration will allow Opera to provide better information and faster efficiency.

3. xAI raises $6 billion in series B funding

Elon Musk’s AI startup, xAI, revealed that it successfully raised an impressive $6 billion in funding. This substantial investment will enable the company to bring its original products to market, establish innovative infrastructure, and accelerate the development of research and emerging technologies. 

4. Apple set to bring new AI-backed Siri model

Apple Inc. plans to revamp Siri, the virtual assistant with advanced AI, enabling users to control individual app functions with their voice. This change will enable Siri to command all the app’s features for the first time, requiring redesigning the underlying Siri software using the large-speech model, the main technology behind generative AI. Siri can also open individual documents, move notes to a new folder, send or delete an email, open a special book in Apple News, and more. This Siri update will now be available for Apple native applications.

5. OpenAI forms safety committee to combat safety concerns

OpenAI has announced the establishment of a new safety committee to address potential safety concerns associated with its upcoming model. The first AI training to improve the GPT-4 technology that fuels the online chatbot ChatGPT is preparing for launch. 

The San Francisco-based startup mentioned in its blog post that users can expect the new model to bring “next levels of capability” as it works to create “artificial general intelligence,” or AGI, a machine that can do everything the human brain can do. The new model will also serve as an engine for artificial intelligence products like Apple’s Siri, search engines, and image generators. 

As we wrap up this week’s AI roundup, it is clear that AI innovations will not slow down any time soon. Rapid developments within the industry make it important to stay in the loop as AI continues to change the game in many areas of our lives. Join us next week for another exciting exploration into the fascinating world of AI, where we will delve deeper into how these new technologies are shaping our future.

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