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Snapchat intends to invest more in AI and Machine Learning

Snapchat Aims to Spend $1.5 Billion Per Year on AI & ML copy

Snapchat’s CEO said the company will make further investments in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Evan Spiegel added that they felt they were lagging in machine learning, which was inadvertently affecting their overall business function. 

He earnestly felt that there was a great deal to be done regarding machine learning and, therefore, brought senior management into the picture to chart the next course of action. 

Snapchat is known to have been involved in understanding social media usage, its role in promotional activities, and how it influences buyers. A while back, they concentrated on simple marketing campaigns with no immediate results in terms of instant buying. Presently, they have added AI, machine learning, and augmented reality functions that connect with Snapchat’s promotional activities. 

The CEO went on to add that they had never engaged with augmented reality before and, upon doing so, realized how simple it was to change the way computing is utilized in daily activities. 

Experts mentioned during that period that its AR toolkit was being utilized by promoters, builders, and individual users. It is estimated that the downloading of Snapchat has over 70% of users engaging with AR. The AR-related services have reached more than 300 million individuals.

Instead of developing their own AI toolkits, Snapchat is partnering with Amazon and Google. This allows Snapchat to concentrate on other necessary activities and spend roughly $1.5 billion yearly on the framework for users.  

AI can narrow down influencer understanding and connect with people by creating immediate filters, identifying influencer malpractices, predicting campaign turnouts, and studying previous data. This helps in enhancing the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

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