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Epiq Solutions partners with DeepSig for AI and ML advancement

Epiq Solutions partners with DeepSig for AI and ML advancement

Epiq Solutions has announced plans to integrate the artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies of DeepSig. The objective is to improve signal intelligence, communications, and direction finding. The integration will take place through a partnership between Epiq Solution and DeepSig.

The specifics mention that the integration will include leveraging DeepSig’s OmniSIG technology capabilities on Matchstiq G-Series and Matchstiq X40 SDR. Epiq Solutions stated on Thursday that they will be able to pursue the next generation of RF missions due to the acceleration in the adoption of AI and ML.

John Orlando, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Epiq Solutions, highlighted that the company’s core strategy is to advance RF and signal processing capability. In other words, the partnership with DeepSig aligns with its mission statement.

Epiq and DeepSig are looking to take the best from the integration. For instance, Epiq Solution has stated that it will bring the full licenses of both platforms to the market. This will enable customers to develop models that are based on collected RF signals. DeepSig has committed to integrating Skylight into OmniSIG. Skylight is Epiq’s network survey tool, and it will now allow users to gain insights into captured cellular signals.

The development comes years after Epiq Solutions announced that sensors would be delivered to DIU for a spectrum monitoring initiative. This announcement dates back to late 2021; however, it underlines Epiq Solutions’ willingness to seek improvements and advancements in the sector. The goal was to assist the government’s Spectrum and Wireless Monitoring project by providing an off-the-shelf sensor network.

At the time, John stated that the move would complement their Flying Fox Enterprise solution by bringing sensor network innovation to several government customers.

The partnership has been established with DeepSig due to its esteemed standing within the industry. DeepSig is renowned for integrating AI and ML simultaneously to create a more effective wireless system that reduces ownership costs, optimizes spectrum utilization, and enhances user experience and learning from data.

Some of its solutions include AI-native communication and ML-driven spectrum awareness. DeepSig houses a total of three products: OmniPHY-5G, OmniSIG, and OmniSIG Studio.

The merger of Epiq Solutions and DeepSig marks a critical moment for both partners and industries. Epiq is now looking forward to equipping its platforms with DeepSig’s OmniSIG technology. OmniSIG is recognized as an ML software application designed to provide radio frequency situational awareness to radio systems.

Epiq and DeepSig are bringing their respective positives to the table. Epiq has committed to bringing full licenses of its products to the market, and DeepSig has committed to leveraging Skylight into OmniSIG. Moving forward, it remains to be seen what kind of results their partnership fetches in the short and long term. Their commitments have already established that users will benefit in the end; however, the industry is looking forward to the technical aspect.

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