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AI and ML VC Activity Continues During Downturn, reveals PitchBook report

AI and ML VC Activity Continues During Downturn, reveals PitchBook report

PitchBook reports that, with the exception of tech giant megadeals that pledge upfront capital for future cloud purchases, VC activity has stayed steady throughout the VC slowdown since Q3 2022.

It is a fact that artificial intelligence, combined with machine learning, has revolutionized venture capital activity. Venture capital plays a vital role in igniting the growth and success saga of business organizations specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Proponents of venture capital can make investment strategies more efficient and accurate with the powerful potential of artificial intelligence coupled with machine learning. 

A discussion on VC activity focused on AI and machine learning is the need of the hour, and it can be started by sharing the details of a study report released by PitchBook detailing venture capital activity revolving around AI and machine learning.

According to a PitchBook update, venture capital operations have been constant since the third quarter of 2022, despite the VC downturn. It is a reliable source for insights, substantial data, and research on worldwide money markets. They recently published an informative report on AI and machine learning venture funding. 

It has left aside multinational tech tycoons who committed funds for cloud purchases in the upcoming days. PitchBook has tracked $22.3 billion invested in the fourth quarter of 2023, including a deal for Anthropic. 

Median valuations remained above the marketplace midpoint, which illustrates founder-friendly business conditions. The research report by PitchBook states that the deal count remained lower than pre-downturn levels. PitchBook has clarified that they tracked only $2.7 billion in disclosed venture capital exit value in the fourth quarter.

The PitchBook report details how a technology company has shifted its focus to working with LLM startups. It explains that AI and machine learning platforms apply scientific improvements in artificial intelligence and machine learning research to applications intended for commercial use. 

The report also states that companies in these verticals have differentiated viewpoints on artificial intelligence and machine learning. It points out a few horizontal platforms that are used to improve artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Its subsegments include AI as a Service, AI Platform as a Service, automated ML, cognitive computing, quantum computing, and TinyML, according to the report.

The research report highlights the significant ramifications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in visual data analysis. It alludes to computer vision’s potential uses in a wide range of industries, such as geographic analysis, data labeling software, face recognition, computer vision as a service, and AI-enhanced augmented reality. Standard PitchBook reports provide an overview of asset classes, such as venture capital. They provide contemporary financial fund performance analysis, investment strategy, and industry research.

All PitchBook reports, including the most recent one on VC activity based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, highlight a framework-backed approach. They present trends, insights, and forecasts, and their findings are based on global research. Venture capital reports from PitchBook cover real estate, real assets, direct lending, distressed debt, infrastructure financing, and venture debt.

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