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KOR Protocol’s IP tools and standards to reshape entertainment industry

KOR Protocol’s IP tools and standards to reshape entertainment industry

An innovative blockchain-powered framework known as ‘KOR Protocol’ is now completely reworking entertainment sections. KOR Protocol creators, developers, and enthusiasts have created novel tools for transitioning IP into different audiovisual layouts using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain technology.  Some of the key partnering clients are Animoca Brands, Beatport, Pixelynx, Endlesss, Revelator Labs, Smile Club, mau5trap, Plastikman, Mintangible, Volta, and Seven20.

The protocol allows creators to encode the privileges regarding the usage of digital media, making them more secure as well as enabling verifiable possession records. Through summer 2023, an open-source ecosystem is in progress. There will also be new partnerships rolling out.

Content generated by users, the fusion of artificial intelligence and synergistic styles are the main points of emphasis. Advanced tools also let communities of creators produce content that is derived from other works, thereby adding dynamism to engagement methods used in regular media outlets. KORUS is among the initial apps on the KOR Protocol. KORUS allows over 250k users to produce music videos together with musical recordings or remixes using top artists’ content.

Blockchain technology facilitates crystal clear and first-rate IP licensing frameworks for quick transactions and royalty distribution through specific platforms such as Revelator Labs and the Beatport Suite, all of which are listed as significant subscribers.

The KOR Protocol on transmedia entertainment and new media, which reimagines a co-creation relationship between creators and their consumers based on value creation, catalyzes IP evolution across media types. The toolset enables artists—musicians especially— and labels, among others, to transform their stories into different forms through user-generated content within communities that integrate AI.

The potential transformative impact of KOR Protocol on the entertainment industry and technology is evident, according to Pixelynx CEO Inder Phull. Pixelynx is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands and was among the brands involved in the launch. These interactions illustrate the ecosystem’s adaptability: enhancing instrumental creativity with artificial intelligence (AI) and transforming story-based intellectual properties through user-generated content (UGC) and fanlore—all made possible by the KOR Protocol’s inherent transparency, he continued.

The KOR Protocol’s decentralized system is open to anyone. For additional information about this pioneering project that is revolutionizing IP management and collaborative creation across industries, please visit

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