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NEXCOM’s stand against cybersecurity breaches

NEXCOM’s stand against cybersecurity breaches

NEXCOM, a top provider of network services, is examining viable applications for fighting cybersecurity breaches. The research scours the potential of NEXCOM’s NSA 7160R servers, considering multiple hardware permutations and combinations in a similar mechanism for solving cybersecurity threats. 

It primarily deals with two AI prototypes, MalConv and Bert’s base case. It stresses the importance of latency and output related to cybersecurity, helping all involved in cybersecurity and IT take educated steps to empower their strategy against ever-changing cyber breaches. 

As per the results of the experiment, the NSA 7160R can correctly identify polymorphic and unknown malware types. Additionally, it can study text data and locate security breaches, heightening its solutions for fighting cyber risks. It can also scale to AI-boosted cybersecurity ways. 

According to Allan Chiu, the VP of Network & Communication Solutions, NEXCOM is adopting AI-boosted services targeting cybersecurity applications. Through NSA 7160R, they offer malleability via custom-made permutations and combinations for certain requirements. They intend to narrow down clients’ thought processes so that they can take the correct steps related to their activities.  

NEXCOM was established in 1992 and is situated in Taipei, Taiwan. The company incorporates its array of potential and runs six companies globally, such as the Network and Communication Solution wing. NCS deals with new-age network technology and assists in developing network frameworks by offering advanced design and manufacturing solutions globally. Its network application platform is accepted to a large extent in matters about cyber safety, load balancing, 5G, uCPE, SD-WN, Edge Computing, and others.

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