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Humanity 2.0 and SingularityNET sign a partnership

Humanity 2.0 and SingularityNET sign a partnership

Humanity 2.0 and singularityNET have entered into a partnership to advance an AGI – Artificial General Intelligence – to support humanity. The partnership has been defined as strategic and public-private in nature. The association includes the exchange of insights, leadership, and resources. This will enable them to extend the reach of technologies that support humans.

Humanity, an NGO, is expected to name Janet Adams to the Humanity 2.0 Subcommittee for AI and Web3. Adams, who is the Chief Operating Officer of SingularityNET, is already on the committee.

Matthew Sander, the CEO of Humanity 2.0, has appreciated SingularityNET for driving AI and Web3 to the extent that it can help advance human flourishing. Sander has expressed excitement by saying they are now looking forward to working with Ben Goertzel and the team to develop relevant products.

Dr. Ben Goertzel, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SingularityNET, has highlighted that the company’s goal is to promote and guide the creation of beneficial AGI, adding that it was thrilled to enter into a partnership with the NGO.

AGIX, SingularityNET’s native token, has not responded to this development as it should. It has been down by 6.93% in the last 24 hours and was listed at $0.9047 when this article was written. It further reflects a drop of 11.27% and a surge of 9.53% in the last 7 days and 30 days.

Janet Adams has commented on the development without mentioning becoming a part of the Subcommittee. Janet said their partnership aligns with the mission to identify and solve impediments to human flourishing collectively. The COO of SingularityNET has further stated that they are on the edge of a profound breakthrough in terms of AI capabilities.

AI literacy is indeed a topic being discussed across the world. The steps that Humanity 2.0 and SingularityNET have taken are imperative in ensuring mass education regarding upcoming technologies. Humanity 2.0 has spent years identifying and removing impediments to human flourishing via media, technology, and thought leadership. The strategic public-private partnership enables them to make more major advancements in the sphere.

The developments as SingularityNET,, and Ocean Protocol announce the date for their merger to go live. It is slated to happen on June 13, 2024, two days after FET will be renamed ASI. Three firms are merging to bring their tokens together under a single roof. This is blacked by the mutual support for AI. Multiple firms like Google and Microsoft have begun working in the segment – leaving small ventures to care for themselves. That is precisely what they are now about to do.

More details about developments in the strategic partnership between SingularityNET and Humanity 2.0 are expected to be made public soon.

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