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Saudi and South Korea forge AI and smart cities alliance

saudi and south korea forge ai and smart cities alliance

To enhance international cooperation in the technological sphere, the chairman of the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, has a meeting with Sangu Park, the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport of South Korea. The main agenda of this meeting was to explore possibilities of cooperation in specific sectors, including AI and smart city solutions, between Saudi Arabia and Canada.

This vital interaction illustrates the commitment of both countries to incorporate advanced technologies to elevate city life. During the conversations, SDAIA used the opportunity to highlight some of the progressive developments Saudi Arabia has made in the field of smart cities. SDAIA emphasized its partnerships with a variety of government agencies that have propelled five Saudi cities to the forefront of the IMD Smart City Index for 2024.

When discussing with Dr. Al-Ghamdi and South Korean Minister Sangu Park, the main topic of conversation was identifying and fostering cross-national cooperation in the development of smart city models. They reviewed the priorities of their ideas and how they may collaborate to develop the smart city movement globally, emphasizing the benefits of such collaboration. It also covered some of the development ideas proposed by the Korean Ministry of Land and Infrastructure, which might be extremely beneficial to Saudi Arabia’s efforts to implement smart city initiatives.

It led to the discussion of possible partnerships and investments between South Korea’s advanced technology and Saudi Arabia’s evolving smart city systems. This potential partnership could revolutionize the planning, construction, and operation of new cities from their inception. It may lead to better advancements in efforts to make urban living conditions more sustainable, efficient, and friendly to citizens.

The partnership between Saudi Arabia and South Korea in the areas of AI and smart city growth is a model of how states can work together to address numerous challenges and share best practices for enhancing people’s lives. This union, as technological giants on their respective continents, not only enhances their might but also sets the pace for international collaboration in technology-related sectors.

In the debate’s closing segment, both parties voiced hope about Saudi-Korean relations with AI and smart cities. The leaders reaffirmed their commitment to maintaining the policy of free information exchange and collaboration, with the aim of pinpointing specific processes that bi-national efforts can effectively target, resulting in tangible benefits for the concerned countries. This alliance is expected to help not only economically but also to work towards globally enhancing smart city standards and AI tech implementation.

Saudi Arabia and South Korea are paving the way for a future where technology seamlessly integrates with city growth by implementing artificial intelligence and intelligent technologies. This vision is suitable not only for enhancing their citizens’ quality of life, but also for establishing smart cities as an example for other states.

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