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Samsung unveils plans to revolutionize AI segment at SFF 2024

Samsung unveils plans to revolutionize AI segment at SFF 2024

Samsung, at SFF 2024—Samsung Foundry Forum, has revealed what is in store as the AI revolution breaks all the possible barriers. Samsung is now laying the foundation for itself as the management showcased cutting-edge processors and AI solutions that have been revealed to meet the growing demand. The show progressed as the Korean giant revealed plans, currently in the pipeline, to facilitate cross-company collaborations for Turnkey Samsung AI solutions.

Two processors, SF2Z and SF4U, have been unveiled. They add to the technology roadmap of the world leader in advanced semiconductor technology. The mass production of the said processors is scheduled to begin in 2027.

SF2Z is the latest 2nm processor that combines optimized backside power delivery network technology to eliminate bottlenecks between power and signal lines. In other words, it boosts performance, power, and area while bringing down voltage drop—IR Drop. SF2Z is positioned better than SF2 to enhance the performance of HPC designs specifically.

SF4U might be released sooner, as mass production is slated to happen in 2025. The 4nm variant commits to offering PPA improvements, which stands for performance, power, and area. Meanwhile, preparations for SF1.4 are being made without any hindrance.

Samsung unveiled a concept of cross-company collaboration. It brings three businesses together: Foundry, Memory, and AVP. Samsung intends to significantly improve its performance by enabling all the participating businesses to contribute their strengths. However, it will still be dependent on customers’ requirements for AI.

The concept goes on to streamline SCM and improve TAT—Supply Chain Management—and total turnaround time. According to the expectations mentioned in Samsung’s official post, the latter could improve by 20%.

CPO-integrated AI solutions would provide customers with a single destination for all their AI-related solutions. The system is slated to go live in 2027.

Power and performance demands further take strengths from GAA—gate-all-around. Samsung has confirmed that GAA has peaked in maturity, which should not be confused with the fact that more updates/upgrades could happen in the future. Samsung will leverage GAA production experience to mass-produce SF3, the second generation 3nm process. It will go live later this year.

Samsung has announced that it will soon start diversifying customers and applications. The objective is to balance the portfolio across the AI segment. Collaboration with customers has enabled the company to pitch a higher sales record in Samsung Foundry’s AI. It was seen to rise by 80%.

Samsung has concluded the announcement by expressing its desire to converge AI and technology. The aim is to advance the Foundry Ecosystem for collective growth. This year, Samsung’s SFF annual event was dedicated solely to sharing plans for driving the AI era in the future.

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