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Microsoft to pump in $3.3B for advancing technology in Wisconsin

Microsoft to Invest $3.3 Billion to Build Cloud Computing, AI Infrastructure in Wisconsin

Microsoft has committed to spending $3.3 billion to further AI and cloud computing in Southeast Wisconsin and make it a technology destination point. A fully equipped manufacturing unit will be in place, and over 100,000 locals will be trained in AI. 

The declaration was made by Microsoft President Brad Smith at Gateway Technical College in the presence of President Joe Biden. Smith spoke of Wisconsin, which is already a well-known name in the manufacturing arena. 

Microsoft’s investment will be made in four phases. Initially, it will spend $3.3 million by 2026 to advance the national cloud and AI framework potential via a data center campus in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin. 

This Microsoft project is expected to create 2,300 employment opportunities by 2025, with more job openings in the offing. Businesses in the state will benefit from cloud computing and AI technology. 

Microsoft has tied up with National Grid to construct a 250-megawatt solar project in Wisconsin, to be active by 2027. As per the understanding, both companies will pitch $20 million towards a community-built fund. 

The technology giant plans to associate with Gateway Technical College to construct a data center academy, where over 1,000 students will gain the necessary skills over the next five years and get employment in the data center. 

In the words of the Governor, Tony Evers, all of this will be highly beneficial to the local population of Wisconsin. 

In the following phase, the company will construct a manufacturing-based AI Co-Innovation Lab, wherein the manufacturers in the state will contact seasoned AI players to upgrade their skills and further knowledge of cloud computing. 

The next phase will witness Microsoft tie-up with United Way Wisconsin, United Way Racine, and more community associates to train over 100,000 locals to attain the required expertise. 

The last phase will see the company investing in learning programs. Being associated with Racine Unified School District (RUSD), girls will be involved in STEM to further the program to two more RUSD middle schools. This will help in connecting over 500 girls to STEM learning. 

Microsoft has a long list of initiatives to keep the company involved over the next few years.

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