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Darktrace unveils new AI-powered MDR service

Darktrace unveils new AI-powered MDR service

Leading AI for cybersecurity company Darktrace has unveiled its latest innovation, the Darktrace Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service. This innovative approach integrates Darktrace’s advanced detection and response capabilities with the company’s global team of analysts. The MDR service is designed to provide internal security teams with AI-driven threat response and professional alert management across multiple Darktrace environments so that they can focus on more strategic security tasks, such as enhancing cyber defenses.

MDR has been introduced to address emerging concerns about increasingly complex threats harbored by artificial intelligence. The same Darktrace State of AI Cybersecurity 2024 report shows that over forty percent of these security personnel are enhancing and optimizing their technologies and processes in SOCs to manage and counter these elaborate threats.

In March 2024, the MDR service was initiated for the first time to enhance the effectiveness of cooperation between people and artificial intelligence. This includes the capability to deliver managed detection and response 24/7 and access to analysts on network, cloud security, OT, endpoints, and SaaS applications.

The core of the Darktrace offering is the SOC team that constantly analyzes customer networks for immediate incidents that might signify a cyber threat. It is responsible for investigating and reporting possible severe occurrences to the customers and making initial assessments. This synergy between AI technology and human analysts ensures that all responses are thoroughly checked and prompt measures are taken to deal with the threats effectively.

Darktrace’s SOC is staffed with over 100 cybersecurity analysts and operates 24/7 from its locations in the UK, USA, and Singapore. This allows for constant surveillance and safeguarding of various IT and OT systems. For this reason, Darktrace’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is one of the most extensive managed services in the market today.

Through this service, the customer gets round-the-clock access to Darktrace analysts, who assist with incident response investigations and general communication. Customers also get six-monthly reports containing insightful information and recommendations on enhancing deployments and security. Additionally, the quarterly analysis of MDRs and regular service reports ensure that the deployments are on schedule. Using a log to consolidate all the alerts the SOC team has handled contributes to transparency.

Darktrace’s Chief Revenue Officer Denise Walter noted that cyber threats are becoming more diverse and frequent. Therefore, strong defenses are needed to avoid putting too much pressure on internal staff. “Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service leverages AI to ensure that clients can be confident that a dedicated team of Darktrace professionals is actively watching over their networks for threats and protecting them,” she stated.

Darktrace DETECT and Darktrace RESPOND users can also access Darktrace’s Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service. Also, partners can resell this service, adding value to their portfolio for their customers.

Speaking on the partnership, James Vintin, the CEO of Grove Group, affirmed his joy, touching on the collaboration with Darktrace, an AI-based threat containment company. He finds that integrating Darktrace’s advanced technological solutions with Grove’s comprehensive analysis and excellent communication with customers will significantly improve clients’ defenses against new and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats by providing both an urgent response and a safety plan for the future. According to Vintin, such a partnership offers the best approach to protect against cyber threats.

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