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SK Telecom earns prestigious global AI Management certification

SK Telecom earns prestigious global AI Management certification

SK Telecom, a leading telecommunication company in South Korea, announced on April 25 that it can be considered one of the industry’s key developments. The organization has achieved an important objective contributing to its realization as a premium international AI company by obtaining the ISO/IEC 42001 certificate for the AI Management System. As a result, SK Telecom gained the title of the First Organization in the country and was awarded the International standard certification. It aims to be a worldwide guide for companies to onboard or manage their AI systems, taking ethical responsibility as a prerequisite.

ISO/IEC 42001 is often defined as a complete set of recommendations covering the most important issues of managing artificial intelligence, like writing policies, analyzing risks, evaluating effects, compliance with ethics standards, following laws, and using transparent administrative procedures. This pivotal framework includes overall goals such as promoting the development and application of AI principles in industry and governments, which can lead to a safer AI advancement in the future.

SK Telecom announced its plan in September 2023 to be at the forefront of global artificial intelligence players. To achieve this, the company has been implementing its “AI Pyramid” strategy, which focuses on three key elements: AI infrastructure, AIX (AI experience), and AI services. This strategy helps the company to be competitive in AI technology and brings innovation to different industries and sectors and daily life through strategic partnerships at home and abroad.

In January, the organization acted toward including AI ethics implementation in its business governance structure. It is an integral step of their strategy that focuses on AI’s viability and safety aspects. By setting up AI governance, these companies proactively promote the ethical use of data and ensure transparent decision-making. To supervise these activities, SK Telecom created a team responsible for developing an AI governance policy the Global Chief Officer directly leads.

This development signifies SK Telecom’s resolve to lead by providing ethical examples of AI use. Through ISO/IEC 42001 certification, SK Telecom underscores its stand on AI ethics, whereby it not only reaffirms its commitment to responsible AI principles but also puts itself on the global AI map, which marks the readiness to engage in the complex technology arena morally.

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